Project 365 – Day 10 (Float On)

Day 10

Recently I’ve seen lots of really cool levitation photographs and I’ve been wanted to try it for myself. This was my first attempt. Taken in Mexico city, there was a big crowd next to this statue all waiting for a gap to pose with the wings. Everyone looked at us with a strange look when we took this shot. The secret to the shot is actually the guy in the background, no strings or anything.


Project 365 – Day 9

Day 9

I experimented with these pens a fair bit but my originally intended photo didn’t really work. I used a slow shutter and slowly rotated the glass. Unfortunately even after many attempts I didn’t like the results. So here is a simpler, but in my opinion more pleasing shot.

As per the request of Hodgepodge, here are the first attempts:

Day 9 take 2 Day 9 take 3

Thanks Hodgepodge! Now I’m looking at the 3 pictures as a set I really like them 😀


Project 365 – Day 8

Day 8

I like repetition! I also like the way each straw fades into black. This box of straws was only half full, I would quite like to repeat this shot with a tightly packed box to minimize the gaps and give a more even distribution.

Project 365 – Day 6 (Footloose)

Day 6

Something about these shoes being left out to dry caught my eye. Many years ago my sister lived in China. I went to visit her and we both noticed how many shoes you see left in all sorts of strange places, with their owners no where to be seen. In fact the sight of abandoned shoes was so common that one of her friends collected photographs of them and made a calender. If I remember correctly she named the calendar “Footloose in China”.

Project 365 – Day 5

Day 5

El Dia de los Reyes (The day of the kings) is a Mexican holiday celebrated in early January. It signifies the 3 wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus. It’s traditional on this day to give toys to children and eat the bread pictured (Rosca de Reyes). The rosca contains a number of small white baby Jesus figures and it is considered lucky to find one in your slice of the bread. We shared the rosca with my in-laws, whoever found a baby Jesus would have to pay for Tamales on February 2nd. Sure enough I found one!