Project 365 – Day 2

Day 2

One of the reasons we had traveled to Martinez over new year was for the quinceañera of one of my finances distant cousins. A quinceañera is sort of like a mexican sweet 16 but for 15 year olds. Even after having spent two and a half years in Mexico I had never been to one until now. It felt like a wedding but without the groom, starting with a mass and followed by a huge reception. The quinceañera looked like a princess in her big flowing dress and put on a fantastic dance performance for the crowd of family and friends. I was really impressed by the whole event – if you get the chance to go to one, definitely do it!

From a photography point of view this was a really challenging photo opportunity; the lighting was really low and I had no flash. So I decided to test the strengths of my relatively new full frame camera. This picture was taken at ISO-2500, on my old camera this would have been unusable, but on my new one I was really happy with the fairly low levels of noise.


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