Project 365 – Day 3

Day 3

Veracruz in January is apparently a great time for citrus fruits. There are lots of these fruit stalls on the journey between Martinez de la Torre and Puebla. There’s nothing like the taste of freshly squeezed juice from just picked mandarins.


Project 365 – Day 2

Day 2

One of the reasons we had traveled to Martinez over new year was for the quinceañera of one of my finances distant cousins. A quinceañera is sort of like a mexican sweet 16 but for 15 year olds. Even after having spent two and a half years in Mexico I had never been to one until now. It felt like a wedding but without the groom, starting with a mass and followed by a huge reception. The quinceañera looked like a princess in her big flowing dress and put on a fantastic dance performance for the crowd of family and friends. I was really impressed by the whole event – if you get the chance to go to one, definitely do it!

From a photography point of view this was a really challenging photo opportunity; the lighting was really low and I had no flash. So I decided to test the strengths of my relatively new full frame camera. This picture was taken at ISO-2500, on my old camera this would have been unusable, but on my new one I was really happy with the fairly low levels of noise.

Project 365 – Day 1

Day 1

We traveled to a small town called Martinez de la Torre in Veracruz for new years eve and the following day visited the family of my Mother-in-law. They live amongst orange groves just outside of Martinez in Loma de las Flores. This was the view from the road as we approached the house. If you look closely you can see some of the oranges hanging from the trees.

Project 365 – Day 0

Day 0

I decided to set myself the challenge of completing a Project 365 – one photograph per day for a whole year. These projects don’t have to start from the 1st January, in fact they can start from absolutely any day you like. But in my case it just so happened that I decided to start on the first day of the year… well nearly. I took this picture of my fiancee getting ready on new years eve and thought it would make a great picture to start the project. I was set on the idea of starting on the first, so decided why not have a day 0? As an engineer I start counting from 0 anyway so why change now?

Originally I thought how hard can it be? Just one picture a day, surely it can’t be that difficult. We are now on day 38 and the idea of 327 more pictures is quite a daunting one. The reason is I want to make every picture count. I don’t just want 365 dull pictures of random things I encountered during the day. So after 38 days I’m already feeling the (self-inflicted) pressure.

As you can see this is my first post and I’m already a little bit late. I don’t always have access to the internet so I decided the important part is taking the pictures and I’ll post them as often as I can, whenever I get the chance. I hope you enjoy this journey and please feel free to leave comments & feedback and also any suggestions for the remaining days!

Pile of wishes

coin pile

There is a strange little church in the Czech Republic called Sedlec Ossuary. It’s insides have been ordained with the bones of thousands of humans. It’s really a strange and slightly creepy place to visit… but in my opinion definitely worth it (more pictures coming soon). Much like a wishing well, it seems visitors throw coins in among the bones and, presumably, make a wish. I wonder what happens to the money? Does somebody clear it out from time to time? And on clearing the coins, does that invalidate the wish? Judging by this pile it certainly hasn’t been cleared out any time recently so here’s to hoping all those wishes came true.



I’m looking for some advice concerning a good macro setup for a Nikon d610, actually for any full frame camera. The above picture was taken with my Lumix G2 using a 45-200mm lens and a Raynox dcr-250 diopter fitted. I also use a Sunpak ringflash which fits nicely onto the diopter. I spent quite a while researching macro setups and trying different things until I came up with a setup I liked. Recently I’ve just bought a new full frame camera and I’m aching to give it a good macro setup. The lenses I currently own have a much bigger diameter than my old micro 4/3rds so unfortunately I can’t use the same equipment. I’m debating whether I should look into diopters again, extension tubes or a dedicated macro lens. So what are your thoughts? Can you share your experiences with me on your macro setup?