I’m looking for some advice concerning a good macro setup for a Nikon d610, actually for any full frame camera. The above picture was taken with my Lumix G2 using a 45-200mm lens and a Raynox dcr-250 diopter fitted. I also use a Sunpak ringflash which fits nicely onto the diopter. I spent quite a while researching macro setups and trying different things until I came up with a setup I liked. Recently I’ve just bought a new full frame camera and I’m aching to give it a good macro setup. The lenses I currently own have a much bigger diameter than my old micro 4/3rds so unfortunately I can’t use the same equipment. I’m debating whether I should look into diopters again, extension tubes or a dedicated macro lens. So what are your thoughts? Can you share your experiences with me on your macro setup?


Giants Sieve – part 2

Giants Sieve B&W

Yesterday I posted this same image but in colour. I processed it in Lightroom both in colour and Black & White. So what are your thoughts? Which do you prefer? Here’s the original.

Giants Sieve

Giants Seive


Near where I live there is an arboretum with lots of sculptures dotted around. There is a whole section of wooden sound making sculptures – it’s really good fun. There are also these old metal tankers which have had all sorts of weird and wonderful things done to them. At one edge of the park, on the crest of a hill, 3 tankers have been stacked on top of each other and a spiral staircase runs up the inside. I’m generally not too bad with heights, but something about walking up the inside of these creaky, creepy constructions gives me the shivers.


Another World


Another World


I’m 24 minutes late… Otherwise this would have been my 7th post-a-day. Oh well, better late than never I suppose. Here’s another one from my recent mushroom picking adventure. Please note that these were not the mushrooms being picked! Getting up close to them I find myself falling into another world.



Earlier this year I went on a climbing trip to Fontainebleau with two good friends. After a day of climbing in the sun two of us were having a rest while the other continued running around with all the energy of a young child. I spotted a swarm of bees going in and out of a hole in the rock. The hole was slightly too high to see clearly down so I decided to stick my camera in, take a shot and see the view. The first image I could just about see the end of the hole but it was very poorly lit. I tried again with the on camera flash, this was also a failure as the hole was an irregular shape with a slight bend in the middle – therefore the flash simply cast a big shadow instead of lighting up the hive. My next step was to try using an off camera flash in one hand and hold the camera with the other. It still wasn’t working. Finally I enrolled the help of my friend. He held the flash and I held the camera. After around 5 attempts of quickly running up to the rock face, standing on our tiptoes, shoving our hands and the camera equipment down the hole, taking a picture and then running away in fear; we finally got this shot! Thank you Tim for your bravery/stupidity in taking this picture with me.

Czech Foraging


I’ve recently moved to the Czech Republic and found out that mushroom picking is one of the countries favorite pastimes. After learning what’s edible and what will potentially kill me, off I went wicker basket in one hand and camera in the other. I was hoping to capture a deer or a wild boar, no luck this time but I did capture this wonderful sunlight slicing through the trees. Also you’ll be happy to know we came home with the basket filled.

A really long wall in China

The Great Wall

Another picture from times past. Back in 2006 I left the UK for the first time and flew to China. My sister was teaching there for a year so I thought it was a great excuse to travel. Little did I know at the time but that trip would plant inside of me the travelling bug. After I got back all I wanted to do was plan my next trip to another incredibly different and beautiful place.