Project 365 – Day 9

Day 9

I experimented with these pens a fair bit but my originally intended photo didn’t really work. I used a slow shutter and slowly rotated the glass. Unfortunately even after many attempts I didn’t like the results. So here is a simpler, but in my opinion more pleasing shot.

As per the request of Hodgepodge, here are the first attempts:

Day 9 take 2 Day 9 take 3

Thanks Hodgepodge! Now I’m looking at the 3 pictures as a set I really like them 😀



2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 9

    • Thanks for your feedback 🙂 I posted two of the other shots from the set. I agree with your comment, the discarded shots are quite interesting. Each shot on its own I’m not a big fan of, but as a set of three I think it works much better 😀

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