Earlier this year I went on a climbing trip to Fontainebleau with two good friends. After a day of climbing in the sun two of us were having a rest while the other continued running around with all the energy of a young child. I spotted a swarm of bees going in and out of a hole in the rock. The hole was slightly too high to see clearly down so I decided to stick my camera in, take a shot and see the view. The first image I could just about see the end of the hole but it was very poorly lit. I tried again with the on camera flash, this was also a failure as the hole was an irregular shape with a slight bend in the middle – therefore the flash simply cast a big shadow instead of lighting up the hive. My next step was to try using an off camera flash in one hand and hold the camera with the other. It still wasn’t working. Finally I enrolled the help of my friend. He held the flash and I held the camera. After around 5 attempts of quickly running up to the rock face, standing on our tiptoes, shoving our hands and the camera equipment down the hole, taking a picture and then running away in fear; we finally got this shot! Thank you Tim for your bravery/stupidity in taking this picture with me.


2 thoughts on “Bees!

  1. Please! Don’t ever outgrow your childlike delight in fulfilling your hunger for adventure! I recently hung off a very high river embankment and twisted around every which way to photograph a string of dew beads in the dawn – my friends just shook their heads and once again I managed to escape the impish folly that will some day snare me. Until then, let us all answer the call of our curiosity. peace and grace, doc ellen

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