Milky Way Kid

Milky Way Kid

It’s come to my attention that I’ve really let my blog slide! Almost 7 months since I last posted a blog… Oh dear. Well a lot has happened in those 7 months. I’ve quit my office job, moved to another country and started a whole new adventure (oh and bought a new camera). And through it all I’ve taken many photographs which now I’ll start sharing. So as mentioned before I bought a new camera. All my previous work was done with my trusty micro four thirds Panasonic G2. Now I’ve taken the leap into full frame goodness… or should I say full frame difficulty. I really love my new Nikon d610 but I must admit it’s way less forgiving than my G2. I felt like I had taken a few steps backwards in my photography once I bought this new camera. Although now I’ve come to realize I just need to be more patient and spend more time in thinking about the camera setup rather than just firing away and hoping for the best. Here I present to you one of the first pictures I took with the 610. I had visited my parents house and was really wishing for a clear night. Now I had gone full frame I really wanted to see what the camera could handle, and what better way than capturing the night sky. As luck would have it the clouds cleared enough for me to take a walk on the hills and get some nice pictures. This picture was taken at ISO 6400, f/3.5 and a 25 second shutter. I have to say I’m impressed that even at such high ISO the camera performed really well and although you can see some noise I’m still really happy with the results.


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