Soft Water

Soft Water

I’m sat in the airport lounge in Mexico City waiting for my flight back to the UK. What a great opportunity to look over some of my old photographs to remember times past and to re-experience those captured moments. I think looking over your old work is essential and helps you to see how you have improved and to remember old lessons learned. I just found myself back in 2007 on a waterfall walk in the Brecon Beacons. This was the first time I tried creating a “Soft Water” picture and looking back I think I got some pretty good results.

To take a shot like this you simply need a waterfall, or some sort of flowing water, a camera and a tripod. The soft water effect is achieved by setting your shutter speed to around 1/10 sec or longer. If you set your camera to “S” or Shutter Priority then you can simply set the shutter and the camera will calculate the aperture to achieve the correct exposure. Alternatively get into manual mode for complete control! The tripod is almost essential for these types of shot as the idea is that the water blurs due to the slow shutter. Trying a shot like this handheld will result in unwanted camera shake.

Camera: Olympus SP510UZ
Lens: N/A
ISO: 50
Aperture: f/8
Shutter: 1/8 sec


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